Addictions And Their Effect On Routine

on the road to health

On the road to health, especially after significantly trying times with things such as addictions, we might find that we struggle with day to day tasks such as cooking dinners, sleeping regularly and at decent hours or even getting up and going out with friends or to work. One thing that can be immensely useful for those starting their road to sobriety is the installation and adherence to some kind of routine.

Routines help us to stick to a specific pattern, and if we have been living loosely for the past weeks, months or years, a routine can be instrumental in helping us stick to the straight path, free of substances. A routine can help us learn how to live correctly again, in the sense of living like most people do within a healthy, normal life. For those who have been really deep in their addictions, especially those who had a penchant for being out to the small hours of the morning indulging in them, adherence to a routine can make all the difference between helping forge new beneficial and healthy habits and continuing on in their former ways.

Examples Of Healthy Routines

How can we start to create healthy routines? Here are some examples of ways to start creating a good routine for a healthy, addiction free life.

  • Create a sleep hygiene routine around bedtime and getting up. Go to sleep and get up around the same time every day, within reason.
  • Set aside specific meal times to cook your food properly and to eat it properly, without rushing. This is particularly important for those with eating disorders.
  • Make time to go and do a proper food shop.
  • If you say you’re going to go volunteering somewhere, stick to your word.
  • Treat yourself each morning to your favourite cup of tea or coffee.
  • Go to the local shop for your newspaper or magazine around the same time.
  • Watch your favourite television programs regularly at their specific times. Perhaps you may even watch a specific one while you have your breakfast or dinner.
  • If you practice meditation, meditate often and around the same time each day.
  • Exercise regularly, even if it’s just going out for a short walk.

When you do certain tasks at certain times as well you can start to appreciate the subtle nuances in life that you may not have enjoyed or even been aware of when you were struggling with addictions. Things like going to the same cashier at the shop, or being noticed by name by your local shopkeeper when you start to go there regularly are things that can make every day, simple, and clean living truly a joy, regardless of your other challenges. It’s these small things that help us to become functioning parts of our local communities, which can lead to new, healthy relationships and hobbies.

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