Becoming Well – Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness

Anytime we are unhealthy in ourselves it can be difficult to get the energy and motivation to do the simplest tasks, and if we are generally unhealthy when we are trying to tackle a huge issue such as getting over an addiction, it can be even harder to see success on the horizon or be successful in general. Whatever your addiction, being healthy in its entirety is the end goal, and being physically and mentally healthy will help us achieve it.

Steps To Physical Wellness

So how can we start to achieve physical wellness? Physical wellbeing stems from things such as eating healthily, getting sufficient exercise and ultimately being free of our physical addictions whether they are alcohol, hard drugs or over eating. For those of us who are already on the path to full sobriety, you may have noticed more energy, better sleep or general feeling more healthy. This is a great first step towards being the best version of ourselves possible.

Health – Eating Properly

When we first embark on our journey to sobriety and health, one of the easiest things we can do to help boost our immune systems and create a better sense of wellbeing is to eat properly. It can be tempting to buy takeaways, cook a frozen pizza, order in and the like, but the truth is that many of these options don’t contain the nutrients our bodies need to properly work. We can be left feeling hungry, drained, unenergetic and generally just poorly. By eating a lot of healthy fruits, vegetables and proteins, we are giving our bodies the necessary fuel to work to capacity, especially if we are detoxing off harmful things like alcohol or drugs.

Eating right consistently is ultimately a lifestyle change. Many people will fall victim to the temptations of fast food far too often, especially if they live alone, work long hours or are lonesome. One way to help you create a great atmosphere for eating and eating properly is to set the scene for yourself if you live alone. Set the table, dim the lights, listen to your favourite music, make yourself something fancy like grilled chicken with spinach salad or something similar. Realise that you can be just as happy eating some incredibly delicious, satisfying foods that will keep you fuller for longer and feeling better too instead of reaching for the phone and calling Domino’s again.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t indulge every so often, but make sure it’s a treat and not a common thing. Once a week is sufficient for treats.

So, add one other life change to your list and start eating right to help you through your time of upset and work. You never know, you could be the next Gordon Ramsay just waiting to discover your love of cooking and culinary talent.

Love & Compassion
Oliver G.

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