Create A New You Through Self Care


It seems in the world today that the words self care and self love get thrown around a lot and for good reason. Caring for yourself and your own well being is an incredibly important aspect of any well rounded individual. It’s a common belief that those who suffer from addictions have experienced some sort of trauma or issue in their lives that has led them to believe they are not worthy of happiness, love and health and they believe that because someone doesn’t care about them, then they don’t need to care about themselves.

The fact is that while having people in our lives who express their disdain for us, perhaps their outright hatred for whatever reason, the only people we need to be concerned about loving us is ourselves. Depending on where you live, what your job is and what you do you may be able to live your life without seeing the people who have caused you to have a low sense of self worth. Some people though cannot get away from these toxic, negative people no matter how hard they try, due to their individual situations and so practicing loving self care is even more important in these cases.

Self care and self love help us to build up our own self confidence in ourselves, realising that the only people we need to believe in us and love us is actually ourselves. Sure, it’s nice to be loved and liked by others, but at the end of the day we need to be okay with ourselves and how we are in order to thrive and be happy. Along the line somewhere many addicts have lost (or perhaps never possessed) this self love and appreciation, usually due to some experience in childhood where they were made to feel as though they were a lesser person because of someone else’s shortcomings.

Practicing self love can be an incredibly beneficial and rewarding way to operate. Doing things like leaving yourself love notes in places you will frequently see such as on your bathroom mirror or in your coffee container will help remind yourself that you are more than just the sum of other people’s opinions and that you love yourself just how you are and while you’re striving to become a better version of yourself.

Common words people use for self love include “Breathe”, “Believe”, and “Trust”. Perhaps you have something specific that stands out to you that works for you best. What is it? Consider making a list of these uplifting words. Some people may even have them tattooed on themselves somewhere as a permanent reminder that you are more than what people think of you. So come up with some of these words that stick out for you and keep a copy somewhere you can reference frequently when you need to.


Love & Compassion
Oliver G.
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