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After addiction, fear and obesity, Disability is the 4th most sensitive area that is dealt herein.

Of all the disabilities, more than 80% do not come as an inborn condition. In fact, people like you and me leading happy, peaceful and contended lives have to face some sort of disability at a later stage of life. Reasons can be many- some sort of illness, a fatal accident or a deteriorating medical condition. Whatever the reason might be, the fact is that disability changes life of the suffering person significantly. It would be more precise to call it a major life change that requires huge adjustments. Whether it is a disease or an injury, being a member of the disabled community comes as the most shocking experience of life.

In a lifetime, every one of us has had an image of disability and it is really hard to imagine yourself or your loved one in that condition. You must have seen a disabled person sitting in a wheel chair. Have you ever felt the sadness and pain that resides in the heart of a person belonging to this community? Did you ever think how such persons manage to run families, play games and do activities of daily routine?

And now, you are one such person overburdened by the sense of dependency and loss. I understand, it is hard, really hard to put yourself in that picture of a disabled person you once had in your mind. It’s no more an imagination, but a bitter reality that you have to face for the rest of your life.

But do you know, there is a bright side of every picture. Yes, even the disabilities have their positive side. Disability provides the opportunity to the disabled person to have a certain experience that other persons have never practiced. The experiences that happen through the life of a person shape his life. The apparently negative experiences of disability turn out to be the most influential. Whether you are born with a disability or you experienced it later on, it is now an essential part of your identity. You might be unable to do one thing but you can do something else much better than other people.

Disability can occur in people of any genders, age or background. It develops a fear in the affected person; fear to face the society, fear of being rejected, and fear of being humiliated. All these fears become a hurdle in your life and you start feeling down in the dumps and this life seems miserable to you. It is actually the fear of the barriers and the attitudes that is the real fear.

While you believe that you cannot overcome fear, it is possible to get rid of it. The most important thing is to accept that it exists and then embrace the disability with openness. It is a part of life. There is no shame in discussing your true feelings with others. Get engaged with the impairment, be friends with it and be honest with the society.

Olivergreene.com is one such place where your emotions are understood and you are appreciated for what you are. If you are overwhelmed because of your current situation, we can help take pride in yourself. You will be able to experience the positive value of life and become a source of inspiration for all the other disabled people.

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