Enjoying Normalcy

enjoying normalcy

This is probably the biggest challenge recovering addicts face – enjoying normalcy after a period of addiction in any form. Addictions provide us something that we are missing in our lives, but they cost us an incredible amount as well. Many people become addicted to a behaviour or substance because they feel like something is missing from their lives. Indeed, being “normal” can appear boring when you come from a place where you were doing things to feel “good” all the time. One can argue the case “who doesn’t like to feel good?”, but the difference is in the persistent seeking out of feeling this way.

It’s important for us to consider the fact that normalcy comes with ups and downs. No one is happy 100% of the time, and that is okay. That’s normal. That’s healthy and it’s also important. Without feeling low some days, we can’t fully appreciate the day where we feel good. This is potentially where addiction stems from – feeling low and poorly so often that behaviours and substances become a go to crutch to help us cope with negative feelings and emotions.

Emotional flux is a normal part of human existence. Without our emotions, we would be cold and robotic and not be able to enjoy the everyday moments that make life worth living. The importance of feeling is to acknowledge the happy moments that happen every day. Do they need to be grand experiences? Of course not. Something as simple as taking an hour break outside in the sun, stretched out in the grass in your favourite park can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, more so than seeking your next high. Not only that, but getting outside in nature has been proven by science to naturally boost the chemicals of serotonin and dopamine – the same chemicals that are increased by drugs like MDMA and cocaine, which makes getting outside a much healthier alternative to partaking in drugs to achieve the same boost of chemicals in the brain! Not only that, but the sun provides enriching vitamin D which we need to help us absorb essential minerals such as calcium!

Normalcy can seem difficult when we first begin to experience it, causing us to long for our chosen vice to help us through the tough days, but by staying the course and turning to healthy ways to cope with difficult emotions we can help ourselves not only stay clean, sober and addiction free, but likewise becoming healthier more well rounded individuals who will grow to become functioning members of society – however that looks for you.


Love & Compassion
Oliver G.
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