Transformation is constant in life. Do not resist the new, but rather welcome the greater good that can be brought about through something you had not previously considered.

If the door to a familiar circumstance seems to be closing, you move towards another door that is opening for you. You see warm inviting light drawing you in. You envision new faces, situations and settings. Your own life and the lives of others are transformed and enhanced by the insights and abilities you have to offer. You picture new friends and new goals in this fresh start.

With each new experience and life lesson, you merge the former you with the new, invigorated self worth you. Picture new doors been opened and new horizons beckoning you. You accept and give thanks for the greater good of the Higher Power that is awaiting you.

Everyone who asks receives and everyone who searches finds and for everyone who knocks the door will be opened.

Choose you this day whom you will serve FEAR or FAITH.

Do not let FEAR direct you. Change your thinking to a positive future for you.

We have had fear from the moment we were born. A gift from family, without there knowledge, you could say, we well could have done without. Our life how ever much we do not wish to see this has been fear driven. The moment you arrived in this world of ours, some bright spark of a doctor or midwife gives you a smack, what do you feel PAIN and now you start to experience fear. What is coming next God I was in the warmth a second ago now I am been put about like a toy yes a Toy all that noise and why the pain[smack]. Fears grow due to many reasons we will go into these and for some of us who develop additions, drink, drugs, overeating etc the list goes on, have shown a gross over indulgence in FEAR.

Heal the past, live the present, dream the future

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