Mental Wellness and Its Importance

Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of overall wellness. Mental health has been for years generally quite a taboo subject, lending itself to being only whispered about and for stigma associated with mental health problems to shun those experiencing issues with their mental wellbeing. Luckily in recent years there have been large drives towards the understanding and helping those who suffer from mental health issues.

When mental health is discussed now it isn’t the severe ends of the spectrum – things like schizophrenia, acute psychosis and things of that nature that used to be thought of when the words “mental health” were uttered. These days things like generalised anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and more are far more common than we may suspect and it’s sometimes these very problems that can lead to addiction issues.

Mental Wellness and Addictions

Is everyone with an addiction mentally unwell? Not necessarily, but a good percentage of people are. Things like anxiety can lend themselves to self-medicating to help “control” the issue instead of seeking help to work through it. Depression is another issue that many people self-medicate themselves over, seeking things like the use of drugs like ecstasy to help boost their serotonin levels and to generally just “forget” that they have a problem.

This however leads to a slippery slope of further and further worsening conditions and issues. Facing our mental challenges head on is scary in itself, but what about when we get to those states where we can barely lift ourselves out of bed, except to reach for our drug of choice. It happens, and it is a messy state of affairs, but it isn’t irreparable. The first step to becoming mentally well is to ask for help – from a friend, family member, community member or your doctor. With more and more understanding in mental health becoming more common, a surprising amount of people have become well equipped to assist, even if it’s making the appointments for you and coming with you for moral support.

Becoming Mentally Well

So, what can we do for ourselves to stop negative self-talk that leads to downward spirals? When you feel yourself starting to say negative things about yourself, try listening to a song you really like, but really focus on the lyrics. This will help your brain think of something other than belittling yourself, and the music will help lift your spirits, if even a little bit.

Whatever issues you may experience mentally, always remember that help is available. Counselling services are particularly useful to help you work out what is bothering you and if you are unable to make it into a counselling office there are many websites around these days which offer online counselling. Have a look for yourself and see just what kinds of fantastic resources are out there these days. You might surprise yourself by finding groups or websites that really help people with challenges just like yours. As it says in recovery programs go to any length for to be emotionally and spiritual well.


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